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ARC Laboratory

Experiments, prototypes, and creative designs...

A gallery of past and present experimental designs and unique creations in the ARC Laboratory.

You will not find these unique cars in any shop, other than the ARC Showroom!


ST-1 Pro Muggy 32n

November 2019

This is a great example of a really aggressive track build on a light 7075 billet pro TT chassis, with alloy pillow ball blocks all round.

Also, to compliment the light, but strong chassis is a complete carbon brace plate and RX tray with a cheeky carbon steering plate.


Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3

May 2019

The ARC Lab was given the job of saving this MT-4 G3 Innovative RC.

Major drilling took place as most of the bolts had been rounded off or so rusty they just didn't want to move.

After taking the old hardware out, time to get down to cleaning this pup up. The customer wants a complete T Tune and stock rebuild to then continue the project with a clean, sweet roller.


Phat Stig's 'Machine'

July 2018

Guys wanna see the ins and outs of the Phat Stigs new MACHINE.

I got exclusive pics of the newly tested and timed...

MBX6T RE Muggy.

OK guys, this is a little machine I popped together for the 'Phat Stig', who as you can see from his picture is over the moon about his new rig.


Phat Stig's 'Machine'

October 2019

After the 'Tekno wars' this past weekend, I have to say Mr. Blue, Mr. Yellow and Mr. Green showed great driving and pretty good set ups to really test the Phat Stig in the 'Machine'.

As a result...

I have been approached by the Phat Stig today and he demanded more performance from the 'Machine'.

Gasp in horror, I did!


Kyosho Inferno Neo 3.0

October 2018

I had my work cut out for me this week.

My task was to save a man's RC confidence, enthusiasm and to rebuild his broken dreams.

I'll take the remains of a Kyosho Inferno Neo 3.0 and convert it to something that will work and hold together on bash days, not just two laps and a jump.

So I took his broken dreams and started work.


Thunder Tiger MT-4

July 2018

This little pup is a new update to the laboratory. 
Thunder Tiger MT-4.
But yup, I've fiddled with the design a little.  So, I've changed the chassis, improved the drive chain, and upgraded towers with ARC Go Big Stock parts. These are only available from ARC.


EB-4 S3 'Reaker'

September 2019

Welcome back to the Lab dudes and dudettes.  Here we have a familiar story of high hopes and dreams of racing around the track with your RC buggy dudes.  But, no matter how hard you try the buggy breaks or just won't hold together for any consistent runs.

Just coz corporations want to roll out low grade kit for a high grade price...


Thunder Tiger EB-4 S3

August 2018

I was most happy this week diving into a couple of builds, one of which is for a seven year old customer, with a very focused build request. He wanted a blue buggy with a yellow wing and wheels, he also wanted it to be 2 cell compatible. Could i do this in 1/8 scale? But most of all, I needed to build it to a pocket money budget.

Well little man, you got it...

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