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ARC Showroom

Custom RC builds, restorations and conversions...

A gallery of past and present projects developed and completed in the ARC Laboratory.

These cars are available for purchase, unless otherwise stated.


ST-1 Pro Muggy 32n

November 2019

This is a really aggressive track build, on a light 7075 billet pro TT chassis, with alloy pillow ball blocks all round.

To compliment the light, but strong chassis is a complete carbon brace plate and RX tray with a cheeky carbon steering plate.  Big 32 lump squeezed in and this muggy pro basher is good for any challenge.

No longer available.


The 'Rubble Maker'

September 2019

I have constructed a pro stock version of my signature MUGGY.

As you guys have proved, my MUGGY is a long-life, track blasting, corner chomping, lap feasting, smile maker.

Making it capable of out-maneuvering anything.  So I'm really chuffed to have brought to life another ARC 1/8 E MUGGY.

No longer available.


The 'Outlaw'

May 2019

MT-4 Innovative RC.

The chassis and boxes are 6s compatible and will respond well to powerful motors.  4s will be a beast in my opinion.  Overall this gets an 8.8/10 from ARC, strong plastics, great transmission, great chassis, almost pristine.  High-spec quality results every time if you ARC your RC.

No longer available.

TT Buggy1.jpg

Thunder Tiger G3

March 2019

Clean sharp and ready, G3 1/8 buggy. 
Carrying a 120am ESC, wired up to a 1900kv Black WP motor, this great looking ride will go as good as it looks.

Great handling delivered by full alloy shocks and stays all round to back up the power, awesome spike tyres on new rims for gripping down, she's a real track chaser.

No longer available.


The 'Monster Green'

January 2019

Monster green power and looks, all squeezed into a high spec TTG3 6s.

This hulk bashing track racing six cell compatible buggy will monster anything in its way, it's ready to hit 'n bash the track, and blow the triple jump in one.

No longer available.

Blue Peter1.jpg

The 'Big Blue Peter'

September 2018

Be it nitro or electric you really can't beat the MTA in my opinion.  21, 28, and 50 nitro blocks available, two speed forward & reverse. But when you go electric wow, 3, 4, 5, and 6s capable.
And with the weight of the engine and gear box removed, you get a very urgent truck that will chase down anything.

No longer available.


The 'Beast'

July 2018

The big yellow Muggy.
The idea here was to take a 1/8 truggy and try to create a buggy that was 1/7 scale. This would in theory result in a more stable platform enabling the use of more power and increase the speed and handling.
To be honest, I've yet to see one working better.

No longer available.


The HBX 'Basilisk'

October 2019

In the ARC Showroom ready to crush is the HBX 'Basilisk', with the Yokomo RT Head.

This should get over most, if not all obstacles, and a lot of fun to drive. With 4wd, 4ws with 4 selectable steering modes.  Its massive scale means even a 60 degree angle is no problem and it crushes any obstacle or landscape.

No longer available.


Phat Stig's 'Machine'

July 2019

Testing has finished on the MACHINE.

The Phat Stig reported some necessary changes and improvements to increase the already INCREDIBLE performance this MACHINE offers.  Including:

Rear shock oils set to 600,
Rear alloy hubs set to low position,
Top shock mount in 1 hole from outside...

No longer available.


Mugen MBX6T Twins

April 2019

The Mugen MBX6T could be one of the best options for high performance muggy racing.

It's completely compatible using stock parts to create a very race derived looking muggy.

Let's see how they fly on 4s.

No longer available.

Green Muddy1.jpg

The 'Green Yeti'

March 2019

The big green Yeti... thing!

It's in green, it's lanky, oddly scary, and great fun. Bit like a wraith, but clumsier! 
6s power, but to be honest, don't!

It wobbles about munching up the terrain, hobbles over rocks like an OAP on a Tuesday, rushing for the half price cod special down the chip shop!

No longer available.

ST1 Group.jpg

ST-1 Stadium Trucks

October 2018

Today I found my self doing everything twice.  That's right, I've been stripping 'n re-building two down on their luck old girls, giving them the full TLC treatment with all my heart.  Now they are two beautifully strong, fine looking race/ bash ready ladies, hungry to take on all comers.  Both are fully stock 28 block pull start, just as the factory produced.

No longer available.


The 'Tangonator'

August 2018

In the play-rage is an orange awesome, three to four cell build with the big boss sized wheels to proper pizza up and absorb those huge air jumps.

Nice layout for easy track side operation and maintenance.

This beast will be known as the


No longer available.

g3 raider.jpg

The 'G3 Raider'

September 2019

This is a Thunder Tiger G3e 4s race ready buggy.

ARC has given much TLC to this great competitive 1/8 electric buggy.

Boasting 2000kv 4s power through a straight line hardened steal transmission, optimising all the drive to each corner of this slightly dark machine.

No longer available.


MT-4 G3 Muggy

May 2019

It's good to see old friends and this beautiful 1/8 Muggy E is no exception.

MT-4 G3 with a muggy look, great dip coat on the shell and some serious rubber to pound the track.  This is built to spec with super thick towers, double up plates on the front mounts and a powerful 150amp ESC and 2050kv motor.

No longer available.


Agama A8

March 2019

The Agama A8 had new rubber and its power supply has been upgraded.  Great set of super rare XTM Grinders placed lovingly around the ProLine Velocity Four rims.  This isn't just any truggy, this is a balanced pro-spec, fully trusted, reliable, eyebrow raising, smile bringing, race approved ARC built and track tested winner.

No longer available.

MT4 Truck1.jpg

MT-4 Monster Truck

March 2019

It was a bit winter like today and windy too so...

...I did have time to finish off a great  MT-4 6s monster truck.

Complete with truggy wheels and wheelie bar.

No longer available.

Dark Knight1.jpg

The 'Dark Knight'

September 2018

When all else fails and no one can help.

From the shadows a dark hope is rising, to conquer all 1/8 crimes.

There is nothing on the planet that will out run, out handle or look this good doing it.  Now named the Dark Knight, this all out mega 6s planet mover oozes awesomeness and is now totally ready.

No longer available.


EB-4 S3 Pro

July 2018

Here's a beautiful little 1/8 EB-4 S3 pro spec. This is the SWB version and feels awesome. Towers used condition, but all very straight.  Popped in a new blast 13 and RB pipe from boxes, she looks ready to race.
That seems a hell of a lot for this sort of buggy.

No longer available.

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