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ARC Workshop

Repairs, re-builds, and servicing...

A gallery of past and present repairs, servicing, and assistance from the ARC Workshop.

Many of these cars were born or have passed through the ARC Laboratory to maximise their performance.


Mugen Muggy

January 2020

I had a most wonderful day building another super-fast, ultimate handling Mugen Muggy.

First thing to do after the roller build is to drill out holes in the chassis for the steering mount, which also houses the RX, battery tray, and ESC mount.

When all seven new holes are drilled and countersunk, I test mount and review the steering action.


Thunder Tiger ST-1

October 2019

What a difference a day makes!  Today the ARC workshop got stuck in to the repairs required to get this bad boy Muggy angry and back on the track.  It was a rough day on the track, all out at the front taking the lead meant this Muggy got deep into the action.  A little contact and a few mid air nudges meant a crash that brought this fast, but injured Tiger to the workshop for a day.


The 'Liberator'

October 2019

Just before the 'Liberator' goes to the ARC Lab for its option updates, it has been tested by the Phat Stig out on the track.  The feed back was good and it handled the track well.
The RB WS7 is so now 12 years old and has a broken fin, but OMG she screams round the oval and through the power straight.  So into the workshop for a T Tune and brush up.


The 'Crasher'

September 2019

Today in the ARC Workshop we have a very battle weary ST1 1/8 Truggy, known as the 'Crasher'.

Day 1, The Strip Back.

Major surgery and reconstructive work needed badly here, but I'm on it dudes, first the strip back and see what's what.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...

More than I hoped, but hay! time to sort the issues.


Mugen MBX-6

March 2019

The Mugen MBX-6 is, in my opinion, the best work Seiki did.

This example however needed lots of help.  I got the entire buggy stripped and cleaned, then went about repairing and fixing her up.

After many hours of close calls and driver to screw moments, she responded and came back to life. Now this orange buggy can race again.


Hobao Hyper 7

October 2018

This week in the ARC Workshop, it's time I got the tool kit out for the Hyper 7.

Left with ARC to be restored to running factory condition after a two year lay off.

So overall it's a stock 7 with no real problems to repair, however if you lay a buggy off for a good while it's my advise to just give your ride a good big service, or the engine, diffs, shocks and electrics will be an issue.


Agama 215

September 2018

To fill the Mugan MBX6 tyres and to try and help cheer us up we built up one of the...

Agama 215 1/8th nitro race buggy.

I'm going to put on a rusted old patina on the body work.

So this is the old new ride for the track.

The B9 RB21 should put up some fight, if I give it some out there!


Losi 30T 'Joker'

July 2018

I was kept very busy today, looking over the Losi 30T SC truck for post bash day repairs.

I seem to have collected what appears to be French tyre and impact marks from a little, orange Losi Tango T SC truck.

I found a couple of body mount issues and some scars, but nothing sinister.


Arrma Kraton 8s

January 2020

So Thursday was Kraton day.  The chassis is back together with only a couple of rebuilds, i.e. diffs, shocks no repairs needed.

This beast is getting the works, 200amp ESC, 800kv can and a much more powerful steering servo.

Just looking at the ESC and motor from Hobbywing makes this rig look faster!


The 'Liberator'

October 2019

So I had a little play with some red and silver spray cans and the worst masking tape ever.  Then I found some stickers and went to work...

Now dudes, I'm a phat wizard with RC chassis work, but wow, I'm no phat Picasso.  But hay, you know what, it's okay.  I tried for an 80's feel with a little race stance.  Silver dribbling over the red body effect... sort of!


The 'Crasher'

September 2019

The 'Crasher' - Day 2, Finish.

The best part of the T Tunes and repair build is the finished product.

I can happily say this truggy is sorted. Ready for the track and more importantly, it's ready for the Adam!

Strong again and very aggressively stanced, with an awesome set of wheels bolted on, this nitro burning bad trug will easily 'crash up' the competition.


Thunder Tiger ST-1

June 2019

The idea is smooth, is fast!

Well, the client wanted more speed, the car has previously been geared for the client to learn how to drive at a reduced speed.

Now it's time to unleash the full potential of this 1/8 ST-1 muggy racer conversion.

T Tune first with new front shocks and a center diff change from a 50t to a 46t.


Thunder Tiger ER-1

November 2018

Under the BMW shell is a mint, very fast two speed ER-1.

.28 pro red top B nitro engine all nice and clean with all factory specs in place.

Fantastic on road and still capable of rallying off road too.

It's my first ARC promo shell, seven years ARC has been alive now.


Tamiya Boomerang

October 2018

Look at my little boomerang, it's alive again!
New drive shafts should handle the massive power this pup dreams of, but they look okay.

Weekend nearly here guys and maybe the weather will hold and we can boogady out there.


Thunder Tiger EB-4 S3

August 2018

In the ARC Workshop today we have a...

Track ripping, Nitro drinking,
EB-4 S3 strong pack bash buggy.

I have built this to a very specific set of RC needs.  So I have made sure this destroyer of buggy souls can take as much as it can dish out.  This is a very aggressive build, requiring big attention to the transmission, uprights, and stays.


German Tiger Tank

July 2018

Today we were on the Tiger 1 gun and turret today, there was a problem with the firing mechanism and the timing was off when sound and actions were required.

So we got out the tool kit and set about restoring the Tiger 1 to full devastating order.


Arrma Kraton 8s

January 2020

A heads up for those of you bashing the 8s Kraton big stuff.

The owner reported that the steering had stopped working and the ESC would not bleep when turned on to indicate the sell count, with a complete operation shut down.


The 'Liberator'

October 2019

Dudes that race to bash RC!

Still in the workshop, the 'Liberator' finally gets her body on, nice and slim, tight and ready for paint.

The 'Machine' is all ready to take on all comers out on the track.


The 'Crasher'

September 2019

The 'Crasher' - Day 2, Jobs 14 to 20.

After a massive strip back and repair day on the angry truggy, it's time to...

14 Set up diffs and susp. and arms,
15 Radio tray gets new alloy stays,
16 More articulation from the droop,
17 Better bumper for crashing,
18 New hardware where required,
19 Engine and pipe service,
20 Mount the 'Crasher' body shell.


30 Degree North SCT

March 2019

A little issue on a big truck.
Grinding from the centre mesh, although the engine was factory fitted the gear mesh didn't sound or feel good?

So after the truck returned I stripped it back and got stuck in.  I found that the stock factory fitted engine spacers used to marry up the mesh were wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong... all four.


Hobao Hyper 7

November 2018

On the bench this week is a very tired, close to RC heaven, Hyper 7, which had some proper bash-park scars and injuries.  Nothing that we can't put back to rights at ARC Workshop.

Big strip down and I get right to the chassis, then onto straightening out all those big jump bends in the chassis and towers.  Then on to repairing the front end, wishbone plates, and ball stays.


Thunder Tiger MTA-4 SE

September 2018

I set myself into a rhythm after the strip 'n clean down.

The overall condition is amazing and the truck shows little if any wear 'n tear.  On closer inspection this truck hasn't even been run in or even driven any distance at all.  So I am over the moon with this find.

I noticed only one storage scratch on the blue front diff plate.



July 2018

Polini weekend is nearly here, so I got down to some last minute pre-flight checks.
Still got issues with keeping the exhaust pipe seals on manifold. Gonna try something new tomorrow, a brand new super intake from that crazy lot, crazy price I think, but ding dong boys!  Only just squishes under the body... oh what a body!



July 2018

Yesterday we had the pleasure of tuning and changing of all the shocks on two Losi DBXL petrol 1/5 scale buggies and a quick tank swap out. The shocks consumed 500cl of silicon.
We also had a good look around the the cars for any obvious handling issues. 

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